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Dear Sir /Madam,

    For pigment Cost saving hyperdispersant,free samples available.

I take the pleasure in advising  you that we are a manufacturer specializing in hyperdispersants. Today, through the years of growth, Shanghai Sanzheng Polymer Material Co., Ltd. is the undisputed market leader in China commanding a market share of 75% in the hyperdispersant market . And its annual sales figure is galloping to an astonishing tenfold increase during its existence of 3 years.

Is Avecia well known to you? It is undoubtedly the leading player in the dispersion industry up to now. I wonder if CH hyperdispersant produced by Shanghai Sanzheng Polymer Material Co., Ltd. is new to you. But CH hyperdispersant enjoys an excellent reception from customers at home and abroad such as BASF, DIC, TOYO, CLARIANT etc. And it will also  bring you new benefits : top performance, cost-savings, higher productivity. CH hyperdispersant is now becoming an important player in the dispersion industry.

How to benefit from our quality products? Http://www.szpolymer.com offers you the solution to your dispersion problems. To Guide your application, the following is the contrast. 

CH Hyperdispersant

Item No.           Counter part 
CH-1A                       21000
CH-2C                       3000 
CH-3                        9000 
CH-5                        17000 
CH-6                        13000 
CH-7A                       18000 
CH-10B                      20000 
CH-10S                      Better than 10B in alcohol and ester systems 
CH-11A                      price for the effective component   Presscake of 12000 
CH-11B                      5000 
CH-12B                      27000 
CH-13                       24000 
CH-13F                      8000 
CH-22                       22000 
CH-35                       Anti-emulsifying agent for offset inks

This email is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not disclose or use the information contained in it. If you have received the email in error, please transfer the email to the right person,director purchasing production materials and R&D supervisor before you delete the document or tell me immediately by return email.

Please contact us at :



E-MAIL: wzdclq at szpolymer.com

        webmaster at szpolymer.com


   Zhenmin Wang



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