[Linux-aus] [link] How to Misunderstand Open Source Software Development

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Dec 4 07:01:02 UTC 2003


    How does one explain a "bad rap", especially one that isn't
    deserved? Open Source Software development suffers from
    widespread misunderstandings in the media from myths, false
    claims and disinformation. As a commercial software program
    and development manager, I view Open Source Software methods
    as simply a way to build applications. It happens to be the
    most efficient one. 
    Companies spread falsehoods about Open Source methods of
    development out of fear that it threatens their revenue
    stream. I saw this first hand in a Senate committee meeting
    when a member of the BSA testified against a Bill I supported.
    Others simply conjure up images of wild-eyed hackers breaking
    into computer systems and writing bugs. Simply put, anyone
    under that impression suffers from hysterical propaganda.


    This article intends to clear up some misconceptions and can
    help people transition from a closed development environment
    into an open one that shortens time to market while cutting
    costs. I would like you to walk away from reading this
    article with the notion that Open Source Software bears a
    mark of professionalism.

Cheers; Leon

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