[Linux-aus] Roadmap for Linux/FOSS adoption in Australia

John Knight anarchisttomato at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 20 22:48:01 UTC 2003

> 1) Pressing of 2000+ Knoppix CDs which will be
> distributed to industry 
>    stakeholders, government and corporate decision
> makers.

Great idea, no suggestions, just great idea.
> 2) Pressing 2000+ 'Open Source Applications which
> run on Windows CD' These 
>    will be supplied to lending libraries and schools
> throughout the state, 
>    so that their users can borrow the CD much like
> they would any other 
>    library item, install it, then return the CD for
> the next borrower.

I assume that they're encouraged to make copies for
themselves as well (then returning it)?
> 3) Wide Open Code: Open Source programming
> competition for schools kids.
>    http://wideopencode.osv.org.au/

What age group would this be targeted at? I know that
there's programming savvy teens around the place,
although they're mostly self-taught with outside
resources, the current state of programming classes in
Australia is laughable at best, in serious need of an
update (in high schools anyway). Would this
competition be targeted at teens, and if so for the
'extra-curriculum' kids, or the standard classes?

> 5) Travelling roadshow, showcasing how corporates
> and government could 
>    deploy FOSS in greater numbers with solid
> business advantage.

Can you expand a little exactly on what a travelling
OSS roadshow would do, please?

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