[Linux-aus] FYA: Microsoft Urges Users Not to Use Windows on the Internet

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Aug 19 07:54:01 UTC 2003

Spot the MIcrosoft fan:


    In a recent article found on Microsoft's web site, users are
    urged to purchase additional hardware or software or keep
    computers using the Windows operating system off of the

    It's unfortunate for all the hot air coming out of Redmond
    that Microsft still can't find a clue when it comes to basic
    computer security.  Microsoft continues to demonstrate that
    they are years behind Linux and open source innovators in
    many areas, not the least of which is security.

    In the article in question the author Tony Northrup adopts
    the position that the Internet is a bad place where bad
    things happen to innocent people.  To counter that problem he
    offers up that a firewall is necessary.  Don't mind the fact
    that Windows XP includes a software firewall which the
    article admits is insufficient.  Don't pay attention to the
    fact that there's really noway to turn off some open ports on
    Windows such as those exploited by the current DCOM worm.
    Never mind that a firewall does nothing to prevent attacks
    from being successful if they use a delivery mechanism such
    as e-mail.

    I'm not going to make a claim that Linux has all of the
    answers for security.  However, attacks can be prevented much
    easier with Linux.  The answer is simple: Turn off unused

    With Linux, it's quite trivial to turn off unnecessary
    functions or configure them so that they don't listen
    publicly for connections.  While this may seem like a basic
    function that should be included in every OS, it's missing
    from Windows.  Had this most basic function been included in
    any Windows operating system, the DCOM worm wouldn't have
    been nearly as successful.


MS to worm: "where do you want to go today?" (-:

Cheers; Leon

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