[Linux-aus] Linux reaches (near) Afghanistan again

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Aug 6 23:39:02 UTC 2003

Apparently, they now have a LUG there as well, but I can't find it for 
looking. Here is the original article:


    Afghanistan is being rebuilt with the help of the Linux
    operating system. 

    The United Nations is training civil servants in the
    intricacies of the software to help them get government
    computer systems up and running. 

    The first civil servants to complete their training in
    Linux went back to work earlier this month. 

    The UN hopes that training government workers to use
    Linux will help the country close the technology gap
    that separates it from many other countries. 

Here's an original UNDP doc on the topic:


    Gaurab Raj Upadhaya UNDP Trainer for Linux states "The
    benefits of this training and understanding the
    software are many. Practically, we can see them being
    able to offer newer services in their work places and
    also able to implement advanced network services. 

    UNDP ICT programme has targeted technical and semi
    technical staff at the Ministry of Communications and
    other ministries. As technical staff have the
    responsibility to manage and maintain networks and
    provide services in their domain. They need the skill
    to get over their dependency on external contractors
    and consultants.

    "This training is very important for the future of
    Afghanistan and its role in the International arena
    for development. We have been without resources for
    many years and we don't have efficient IT operating
    systems in Afghanistan. This training and hopefully
    more advanced training will enable us to utilize
    computers and become more sufficient, effective and
    reliable. Also this will transfer to other departments
    like medicine, schools and through the country." said
    Mr. Peer Mohamad Bariyali a student from the
    Communication Ministry.

    The Linux training has been funded by the as a 100%
    UNDP implemented programme in conjunction with
    Ministry of Communications of up-skilling Ministry of
    Communication staff as part of a range of Capacity
    Building Projects to aid learning as a tool to help
    with the Reconstruction of Afghanistan.

This all lends a particular irony to this earlier article:


And now Tajikistan gets a shipment:


    The former Soviet Union Republic was ravaged by a
    six-year civil war after breaking away from Russia
    more than a decade ago. Now, half the population
    of 6.5 million in the mountainous, landlocked,
    northern neighbor of Afghanistan is under 20 years
    old, and many children have no parents.


    Marupov also told Kovacs that Tajiks traditionally
    have had to learn a foreign language to use a
    computer. If that barrier could be overcome, Tajiks
    could use computers and Internet technology to get
    around problems with poor phone reliability and the
    high cost of long-distance calls.

    Kovacs founded a nonprofit group, Khujand Computer
    Technologies, to work on the problem.

    Marupov recruited some university students
    interested in honing their English, and they soon
    began translating the dialogue boxes, menus, and
    the rest of the user interface of the Mandrake
    version of Linux into Tajik.

Not much in a country 1/3 the population of Australia, but
it's a start.

Cheers; Leon

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