[Linux-aus] Catch me while I faint, Gartner almost said something positive about Linux

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Aug 5 07:58:02 UTC 2003


    A Gartner-commissioned annual Asia Pacific survey of big
    businesses has found that 52 percent of the 121 Australian
    companies surveyed -- mostly in verticals such as
    telecommunications, government, education, finance and
    banking -- use Linux "somewhere in their organisation", up
    from 39 percent last year.


    "Australia [individually] was second only to Taiwan," said
    Phil Sargeant, research director of storage and services at
    Gartner. "But I would say, as a generalisation, that while
    companies have deployed it, it hasn't been in mission-
    critical work."


    The results were released to spur interest in an Australia-
    wide series of Gartner seminars in late August and early
    September on open source market readiness, Gartner said.

Call me a skeptic, but I think the final paragraph explains why Gartner 
should release their first helpful-to-Linux statement in ages (albeit 
with a few backhanders in it).

As at now, the conference has *one* Gartner rep who has ever done 
anything but constantly nay-say and short-sell Linux, and the sole 
corporate sponsor is Microsoft. It kind of looks like Dorsogna 
sponsoring a conference on balanced eating, doesn't it?

I'm also wondering if this is a feedback-related response rather than in 
any way a genuine attempt at balance.

Cheers; Leon

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