[Linux-aus] Open Systems, Open Networks: An Interoperability Framework for E-Learning

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Sat Aug 2 11:45:02 UTC 2003

The following forum may be of interest to those that are interested in 
standards and the education and training sectors.

Program: http://standards.edna.edu.au/forum/03_forum_program.pdf
Registration is free.

Open Systems, Open Networks: An Interoperability Framework for E-Learning
The Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education 
Committee (AICTEC) http://www.aictec.edu.au/ Standards Sub-Committee 
http://www.standards.edna.edu.au/ Industry Forum 
Sponsored by the Department of Education, Science and Training.

Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, Australia
Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 September 2003

The AICTEC Standards Sub-Committee is holding an Industry Forum that will 
provide a unique opportunity for key industry participants and policy 
makers from the Australian education and training sector to consider:

* New strategies and approaches to standards aimed at achieving 
interoperability in the development of digital content, learning objects 
and learning and content management systems.
* Frameworks and standards needed to support the management of education 
and training systems.
* Ways in which firms and governments can work to achieve interoperability 
between products and services.
* The value of a formal working relationship between educational technology 
developers and vendors and Australian education and training sectors.

Dr Robby Robson of the US will be attending the forum as the key-note 
speaker. Dr Robson is the Chair, IEEE Learning Technology Standards 
Committee (http://ltsc.ieee.org/), and President and Senior Partner, 
Eduworks Corporation (http://www.eduworks.com/) - a leading consultant to 
the US e-learning industry. Other speakers will present case studies 
demonstrating the use of technical standards to support interoperability 
and the advantages of utilising commercial open standards-based products in 
education and training projects.

The forum will be of interest to:
* developers and vendors of educational content, multimedia, content 
management and learning management systems
* consultants and vendors in the area of online learning
* ICT industry associations
* ICT policy makers, managers and administrators in education and training.

For further information and to register for the forum: 

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