[Linux-aus] If you refuse to build it, they will come anyway. (-:

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Aug 1 13:55:02 UTC 2003


    But while cleaning up Mumu [virus] in remote offices, we
    discovered something else: We have a growing number of
    unofficial Linux installations on desktops and servers
    throughout the company [...]

    Until now, we haven't had a policy on using Linux because
    there wasn't a need. One year ago, only a small subset of
    users ran Linux. The Linux desktops mostly belonged to
    developers or quality assurance and technical support
    staffers responsible for supporting our company's software
    on Linux. Now there are many more. Employees are installing
    Linux on their desktops, either as the primary operating
    system or as a second one alongside Windows 2000, our
    corporate standard. 


    We can't eliminate Linux, so the solution is to create
    standard baselines for our Linux systems, just as we do for
    Solaris and Windows. We'll start by doing this for our
    Linux-based Web, application and database servers. As with
    our Solaris and Windows systems, we will use imaging
    software and create a "jump-start" system configuration
    that will serve as the baseline configuration for all
    machines. Hopefully, this will keep security problems to a

Cheers; Leon

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