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If you are over 40, 
If you are stressed, 
If you are thinking of a healthy present for parent or someone who is middle aged and old, please spend a few minutes on this page. 
What is "Emperor Tea"? 
To quote an old saying, Chinese as well as English, "Prevention is better than Cure" This is the principle of Emperor Tea.

This is a Chinese traditional fine powder health supplement and was used especially in ancient imperial court. It comes from a formula developed for the Emperor's family during the Han dynasty and used in every succeeding dynasty in the imperial court and by court officials and the wealthy middle classes. 

Emperor Tea contains 50% high quality Woodsgrown and cultivated Ginseng in USA. This is a costly restorative prescribed by Chinese tradition and Chinese herbal doctors for a thousand years, maybe longer. The remaining 50% of this tonic is made up of other selected natural herbal ingredients, the basis Tianqi is from original producing area Yunan by environmental cultivated. Very important, Emperor Tea is also made by traditional method, no fermentation and no distillation. 100% entirely natural! 

This fine herbal powder purifies the blood cleans the stasis, assists circulation, relieves stress, increases mental capacity by improving the function of brain and heart and prevents sickness. Taken regularly, it also improves the sex drive and improves skin tone. Keeping the skin of blemishes.
 If you want to know how it works for your blood, please go to Scientific Illustration

The value of Emperor Tea is widely accepted by Chinese people. It is normally taken each morning on waking and at least 10 minutes before any other food or drink. For increased effect the daily dose may be halved and taken first thing every morning and last thing every night. For details please go to Dosage and Administration.

The effect of this product is progressive. The longer you take it the better it works. Suppose you have a particular condition of heart or brain function and wish to test Emperor Tea -- the effectiveness of regular doses on your condition should become apparent in three to six months of regular treatment. (the best is 12 months, for detail please go to Q & A No.5) If you wish to measure this improvement, we suggest that you have a blood test before taking and again after 3-6 months, to compare the different. We believe you will become conscious of having more energy than before and the particular condition of heart and brain should be abated or disappeared.
For whom?
Emperor Tea is recommended particularly for anyone over 40, both men and women. Taken regularly it prevents many of the signs of aging. Emperor Tea strengthens the body, prolongs youth, and improves sex life. It is specially recommended for the middle aged and elderly. It helps those engaged in exhausting business schedules and it helps the elderly keep up their vital energy on into old age.

As a healthy present it is a thoughtful gift for stressed businessmen and for elderly parents.

Let us assume you are over 40 and thinking about your health. This is a time when blood vessels harden affecting the function of brain and heart and is a time to take care your blood condition.

Want to try it?
For details go to: "Dosage & Administration".

How much?
Standard price at USD22.30 per bottle including shipping and handling charges. 
Details please go to "Orders".
This is an extremely low price for such an efficient tonic.

Please also spend a few minuets to read "Q & A". There you will find some very interesting questions and answers.... 

If you have time, please read "My Recommendation" by Dr Chan Hou Bai who redeveloped this product for worldwide distribution. His recommendation will give you more scientific and medical information on Emperor Tea.

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