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Wed Jul 24 20:08:05 UTC 2002

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Dear linux-aus =2C

=3CBODY bgColor=3D#ffccff=3E
=3CTABLE border=3D0 cellPadding=3D0 cellSpacing=3D0 width=3D475=3E
    =3CTD align=3Dmiddle vAlign=3Dtop=3E=3C=2FTD=3E=3C=2FTR=3E=3C=2FTBODY=3E=3C=2FTABLE=3E=3CBR=3E
    =3CTD width=3D=225%=22=3E=3C=2FTD=3E
    =3CTD bgColor=3D#b8ecff borderColor=3D#0000ff width=3D=2290%=22=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ff0000 
      face=3D=22Arial Black=22 
      size=3D6=3E&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B Want   
      To Harvest A Lot Of Email&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B Addresses In A Very Short Time=3F=3C=2FFONT=3E   
      =3CP=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff face=3DArial size=3D4=3EEasy Email   
      Searcher=3C=2FFONT=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ff00ff face=3DArial size=3D4=3E&nbsp=3B is&nbsp=3B   
      a&nbsp=3B powerful&nbsp=3B Email&nbsp=3B software&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B that&nbsp=3B   
      harvests general Email lists from mail servers&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B =3C=2FFONT=3E=3CFONT   
      color=3D#0000ff face=3DArial size=3D4=3EEasy Email Searcher =3C=2FFONT=3E=3CFONT   
      color=3D#ff00ff face=3DArial size=3D4=3Ecan get 100=2C000 Email=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E =3CFONT   
      color=3D#ff00ff face=3DArial size=3D4=3E=3CB=3Eaddresses directly from the Email   
      servers in only one hour!&nbsp=3B=3C=2FB=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FP=3E  
        =3CLI=3E=3CFONT face=3DArial size=3D2=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff=3EEasy Email   
        Searcher=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E is a 32 bit Windows Program for e-mail marketing=2E It   
        is intended for easy and convenient search large e-mail address lists   
        from mail servers=2E The program can be operated on Windows 95=2F98=2FME=2F2000   
        and NT=2E=3C=2FFONT=3E   
        =3CLI=3E=3CFONT face=3DArial size=3D2=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff=3EEasy Email   
        Searcher=3C=2FFONT=3E =3C=2FB=3Esupport multi-threads =28up to 512   
        =3CLI=3E=3CFONT face=3DArial size=3D2=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff=3EEasy Email   
        Searcher=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E has the ability&nbsp=3B to reconnect to the mail   
        server if the server has disconnected and continue the searching at the   
        point where it has been interrupted=2E=3C=2FFONT=3E   
        =3CLI=3E=3CFONT face=3DArial size=3D2=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff=3EEasy Email   
        Searcher=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E has an ergonomic interface that is easy to set up   
        and simple to use=2E=3C=2FFONT=3E =3C=2FLI=3E=3C=2FUL=3E  
      =3CP=3E=A1=A1=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff face=3DArial=3EEasy Email Searcher is an email   
      address searcher and bulk e-mail sender=2E It can verify more than 5500   
      email addresses per minute at only 56Kbps speed=2E It even allows you send   
      email to valid email address while searching=2E You can save the searching   
      progress and load it to resume work at your convenience=2E All you need to   
      do is just input an email address=2C and press the =22Search=22   
      =3CP=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000ff face=3DArial=3E=3CBR=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3Cfont face=3D=22Comic Sans MS=22 size=3D=224=22 color=3D=22#FF00FF=22=3EVery 
      Low Price ! -------&nbsp=3B Now=2C&nbsp=3B The full version of Easy Email 
      Searcher only costs =3C=2Ffont=3E=3Cfont face=3D=22Comic Sans MS=22 size=3D=224=22 color=3D=22#0000FF=22=3E$ 
      39=2E 95=3C=2Ffont=3E=3C=2FB=3E=3C=2FP=3E 
      =3CP=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ff0000 face=3DArial size=3D4=3E=3CI=3EClick The Following Link To   
      Download The Demo =3A=3C=2FI=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E=3C=2FP=3E 
      =3CP=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ff0000 face=3DArial size=3D4=3E=3CA  
      href=3D=22http=3A=2F=2Fwww=2Ewldinfo=2Ecom=2Fdownload=2Femail=2Fnewees=2Ezip=22=3EDownload Site   
      =3CP=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ff0000 face=3DArial size=3D4=3E=3CA   
      href=3D=22http=3A=2F=2Fbestsoft=2E3322=2Eorg=2Fonlinedown=2Fnewees=2Ezip=22=3EDownload Site   
      2=3C=2FA=3E&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B&nbsp=3B =3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E=A1=A1=3CFONT color=3D#0000a0 face=3DArial 
      size=3D3=3E=3CSTRONG=3EIf&nbsp=3B you can not download this program =2C&nbsp=3B please   
      copy the following link into your URL =2C and then click =22 Enter=22 on your   
      Computer Keyboard=2E=3C=2FSTRONG=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FP=3E  
      =3CP=3E=3CFONT size=3D2=3E=3CFONT color=3D#0000a0 face=3DArial size=3D3=3E=3CSTRONG=3EHere is the   
      download links=3A=3C=2FSTRONG=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FP=3E  
    =3CTD width=3D=225%=22=3E=3C=2FTD=3E=3C=2FTR=3E  
    =3CTD width=3D=225%=22=3E=3C=2FTD=3E  
    =3CTD bgColor=3D#0f95de width=3D=2290%=22=3E=3CFONT color=3D#ffffff   
      face=3D=22Verdana=2C Tahoma=2C Helvetica=2C SansSerif=22   
      size=3D1=3E=3CB=3EDisclaimer=3A=3C=2FB=3E=3CBR=3EWe are strongly against continuously sending   
      unsolicited emails to those who do not wish to receive our special   
      mailings=2E We have attained the services of an independent 3rd party to   
      overlook list management and removal services=2E This is not unsolicited   
      email=2E If you do not wish to receive further mailings=2C please click this   
      link =3CA href=3D=22 mailto=3Aremoval=40btamail=2Enet=2Ecn =22   
      =3C=2FB=3E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FA=3E=2E&nbsp=3B=3C=2FFONT=3E=3CB=3E=3CFONT class=3Ddisclaimer color=3D#000080  
      face=3DArial=3E=3CBR=3EThis message is a commercial advertisement=2E It is compliant  
      with all federal and state laws regarding email messages including the  
      California Business and Professions Code=2E We have provided the subject  
      line =22ADV=22 to provide you notification that this is a commercial  
      advertisement for persons over 18yrs old=2E=3C=2FFONT=3E=3C=2FB=3E=3C=2FTD=3E 
    =3CTD width=3D=225%=22=3E=3C=2FTD=3E=3C=2FTR=3E=3C=2FTBODY=3E=3C=2FTABLE=3E 

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