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Fri Dec 12 10:39:21 EST 2008

The registration desk will be open from Sunday afternoon after 1400 and is =
located in the lower foyer of the University Centre.

There will be a noticeboard in the foyer, read it, it will have important i=
nformation regarding any changes.

There is internet access at the University.

*Penguin Dinner*
The Penguin Dinner is scheduled for 1830 for 1900 at Wrest Point's Tasman R=
oom. Dress code for Wrest point is neat casual. No thongs, steel-capped sho=
es, shorts, trackpants, singlets, torn or dirty clothing - use common sense=

Wrest Point is a casino and it is illegal for people under the age of 18 to=
 enter the gaming area (the dinner is not in the casino part, so its only i=
f you are keen on wandering).

Is to be held at Cascade Brewery at 1900. A bus will be available to transp=
ort you there. More details will be available soon.

*Google Closing Celebration*
To be held at the Uni bar after conference close. Food is provided, the bar=
 will be open to purchase drinks at a resonable price.

*Responsible Service of Alcohol*

Tasmanian venues take RSA VERY seriously (and so do we). The legal drinking=
 age in Australia is 18. If you are under 18 you MUST NOT consume alcohol -=
 Venue staff will eject you from the premesis if you are caught.

It is illegal to serve alchohol to someone who is intoxicated, if staff ref=
use to serve you, be polite and switch to water.

Make sure you carry appropriate ID to each licensed venue:
One of:
Photographic =E2=80=93 Driver=E2=80=99s Licence
Photographic =E2=80=93 Keypass
Photographic =E2=80=93 Passport
Photographic =E2=80=93 Firearms Licence

If you are asked for ID you must provide it or you will not be served and m=
ay be ejected (if you have been drinking).

It is also illegal to consume alcohol in public in Tasmania or to carry an =
open bottle of liquor in public - the fine is substantial.

It is also illegal to consume alcohol in a car or to have open bottles of l=
iquor in your car.

Sorry for all the can't do this, can't do that but its designed so we can a=
ll have a good time without hassles.

All buildings are smoke free. All licensed venues in Tasmania are also smok=
e free. It is also illegal to smoke with children in your car.

Tasmania's sun is extremely harsh, even on cloudy days you can easily suffe=
r serious burns. Slip, Slop, Slap and all that. Its probably higher UV than=
 most other Australian States.

The weather is currently predicted to be fine for the conference, however, =
it has been known to snow at the height of summer in Tasmania (conversely i=
t can also get extremely hot - sometimes even on the same day as the snow).=
There is a saying that: "if you don't like Tasmania's weather you should co=
me back in half an hour."

I think that covers it all, more information to follow, watch the website, =
the mailing lists and the notice board at rego desk.

Thanks all and see you at the conf,


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