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Mon Dec 29 11:45:21 EST 2008

linux.conf.au announces miniconf schedule

Specialist mini conferences provide exciting entrée to linux.conf.au.

linux.conf.au organisers are pleased to announce the mini-conferences schedules for linux.conf.au 2009. "The miniconf organisers along with our miniconf liaison, Joshuaua Hesketh, have put together a pretty exciting schedule," said linux.conf.au organiser, Ben Powell. "These specialist conferences really showcase some of the important fields that are in free software today - both technical and social"

The presenters come from all corners of the globe and include many familiar names as well as many new ones. "Although the miniconfs are more specialised, there is still something there of interest to everyone, whether you're interested in the technical, the sociological or the economic side of open source software" said Mr. Powell. "Free software and its ideas have moved into just about every field of human endeavor, inspiring innovation, debate and discussion across all disciplines, and we wanted the miniconfs to reflect this."

Many of the miniconfs are designed to be interactive, with panels and open discussions to allow delegates to paticipate in discussions with experts in the field. "Interaction between the delegates and experts is a feature of most of the miniconfs this year - the Linuxchix miniconf is even holding a BBQ to facilitate more interaction!" said Mr. Powell "I think that this year's miniconfs really do have something for everyone and they're a great way to meet the experts."

The miniconf schedule includes 12 miniconfs: Open Source Databases, Linux Kernel, Systems Administration, MythTV, Linuxchix, Mobile Devices, The Business of open Source, Linux Security, Multimedia, Virtualisation and Management, Gaming and Free as in Freedom.

The full schedule can be found at: http://linux.conf.au/programme/schedule/

Linux.conf.au, the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about linux.conf.au can be found at http://www.linux.conf.au.

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