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[lca-announce] linux.conf.au 2005 hackfest

linux.conf.au 2005 update.


linux.conf.au is holding another hackfest this year, with a new competition
for you all to flex your programming muscles on. See the details below.

linux.conf.au 2005 is fast approaching. 6 weeks to go until the conference
starts. Only one quarter of the 500 places remain available, pay up soon to
guarantee your place (registration does not guarantee a seat until you pay).


Miss out on last year's Hackfest programming competition
(http://www.linux.org.au/conf/2004/hackfest.html)? The linux.conf.au
2005 committee is pleased to announce that there will another hackfest
at this year's conference.

This is your chance to show how good your programming capabilities
really are as well as be in the running for a cool prize. The
competition this year has two sections, one similar to last year
involves writing an AI to play a game. The second is to build a user
interface for humans to play the same game. So those of you with user
interface design and artistic skills can also participate.

More details about the competition can be found at

Source code against which to build your AI or GUI is now available for


For more information, linux.conf.au 2005 Organiser Chris Yeoh (who ran the
Hackfest last year also) has a few other details at 


Happy Hacking

linux.conf.au 2005 Organisers

Steven Hanley sjh@svana.org http://svana.org/sjh http://svana.org/sjh/diary
linux.conf.au 2005 - Canberra - April 18-23 2005
http://lca2005.linux.org.au - The Australian Linux Technical Conference