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[lca-announce] linux.conf.au last minute updates

3 Sleeps to go until linux.conf.au Miniconfs start, I know I can't wait,
below are a few last minute items I think you may all want to know.

Included below are

* Information for people wishing to go to the kernel hacking tutorial
* Canberra Weather outlook
* linux.conf.au 2005 Quiz Show for some Wednesday afternoon fun and hilarity

Please do some preparation if you are attending the Kernel Hacking Tutorial

If you are planning on attending the Linux Kernel Hacking Tutorial, you will
need to bring a laptop, which has been prepared with the source code, and
emulator.  These are available at http://linux.conf.au/kernel-tute/ .  The
preparation depends on some Linux experience: if you have trouble with the
preparations, you will have even more trouble in the tutorial, so I suggest
Rasmus' excellent session next door.

If you have not done the preparation, we will not wait for you!

So yes there is some homework, however this should make the tutorial more
interesting and rewarding for you, if you do the preparation for the
tutorial you will get a lot more out of the day. Anyone whining in the
tutorial that they are not ready or do not know how to use 'make' will be
ignored or possibly even made fun of (Rusty likes a good scapegoat for the
easy humour points that can be accrued)

Canberra Weather Forecast

This week has been gorgeous until today, days that make you wish you could
sit outside hacking at a cafe all day rather than being indoors. We really
hope the coming week will be as good for linux.conf.au. The forecast is
reasonably promising.

Canberra weather from the BoM is always available at

Currently the outlook for the next week is

Max Today: 19 
Saturday  Min Tonight:  6 Max:  21
UV Index:    5 [Moderate].
Headline :    Partly cloudy with showers today. 
Probability of rain:  40% today, decreasing to 15% Saturday.     
Fire Danger Rating:  Low.  

Winds on Canberra lakes:  Southerly winds 15 to 25 km/h today, tending east
southeasterly 10 to 20km/h Saturday.   

Sunday   :  Fine with sunny periods.          
            Min:  7    Max:  23 
Monday   :  Fine, partly cloudy.     
            Min:  8     Max:  24 
Tuesday  :  Fine, increasing sunshine. 
            Min:  8     Max:  21

Trend for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Next week:
Generally cloudy cool mornings, fine mostly sunny days. 

linux.conf.au 2005 Quiz Show with Jeremy Allison

offered to host a Quiz Show on the evening of the Tutorial day (Wednesday
next week). At the same time as the Keysigning 5:30pm until 6:30pm in MCC
T1. If your brain is melting out your years after a day of kernel hacking
with Robert Love and Rusty, or you need to chill out after Wayne Piekarski's
3D user interfaces. Heck if you just want a good laugh. Quizmaster Jeremy
will select two teams of punters to contest the quiz. With a judging panel
consisting of samba team members Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell, Martin Pool and
Tim Potter this is sure to be an entertaining and fun interlude between
Tutorials and BoFs.

See you on Monday from Steve and the linux.conf.au 2005 crew.

Steven Hanley sjh@svana.org http://svana.org/sjh/diary
linux.conf.au 2005 - Canberra - April 18-23 2005
http://lca2005.linux.org.au - The Australian Linux Technical Conference