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[lca-announce] Registrations open for linux.conf.au 2005

Registrations open for linux.conf.au 2005

Organisers of linux.conf.au 2005 have announced the opening of
conference registrations. Invited speakers for the conference include
Eben Moglen (General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation), Rasmus
Lerdorf (author of PHP), Robert Love (kernel developer), Andrew Morton
(kernel maintainer), and Andrew Tridgell (primary author of Samba). Other
speakers presenting at linux.conf.au 2005 are listed on

Linux.conf.au 2005 organiser Steven Hanley said: "I'm very excited
about the strength of the program this year. We have excellent invited
speakers, and the response to our call for papers was fantastic".  In
response to the call for papers, 150 paper and tutorial submissions
were received, allowing only those of a very high quality to be

Registration fees for linux.conf.au 2005 will be: $690 for
professional delegates, $300 for hobbyist delegates, and a low $100
for students. An early bird discount of $230 for professional
delegates and $100 for hobbyist delegates is available for those who
register before February 1st 2005.

Registration for linux.conf.au includes admission to the two days of
mini-conferences preceding linux.conf.au. Last year's successful Open
Source in Government mini-conference has been spun off into a full
co-conference this year. A concession registration rate will be
offered to those who register for both conferences. Grant Allen, the
organiser of the Open Source in Government co-conference said "with
the co-conference being in Canberra, the heart of Australian
government, we expect many attendees and fantastic papers".

Go to http://linux.conf.au/register.php to register for linux.conf.au.

About linux.conf.au

linux.conf.au is Australia's national Linux conference. linux.conf.au
2005 will be the sixth annual conference and will be held at the
Australian National University, Canberra, between 18-23 April
2005. The first conference in the series was held in Melbourne in 1999
(and used the name "CALU"), while the most recent was held in Adelaide
in 2004. linux.conf.au focuses on Linux technical issues - primarily
the development of Linux and other Open Source Software - so is
targeted at a technical audience. The conference has grown in stature
from year to year, attracting speakers from the international Linux
and Open Source Software communities, and sponsorship from some of the
world's leading information technology companies. Past speakers have
included Alan Cox, Jon "maddog" Hall, Rasmus Lerdorf, Dave Miller,
Andrew Morton, Rusty Russell and Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell. The two
most recent conferences have been attended by Linus Torvalds, the
creator of Linux. linux.conf.au is organised by volunteers under the
guidance of Linux Australia Inc.. For more information about
linux.conf.au see http://linux.conf.au/.

About Linux

Linux is a Unix-like operating system kernel originally created by
Linus Torvalds and released under the GNU General Public License in
1991. Since then Linux has been developed by a worldwide community of
developers, under the continuing leadership of Torvalds, into the
world's fastest growing operating system for servers.

The linux.conf.au 2005 Crew

linux.conf.au 2005 - Canberra - April 18-23 2005
http://lca2005.linux.org.au - The Australian Linux Technical Conference