[Chlug] The Truth about Acid and Alkaline Foods

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Fri Mar 11 02:49:41 AEDT 2016

 If you've heard of alkaline diets, you've probably scratched your
head and said, But aren't citrus fruits very acid…and very good for
 You're right.
 They are and they are.

 Because just like some parts of your body should be so acid they'd
take the hair off a dog, while the rest of your body should be
slightly alkaline, or you will be very sick, so some foods are
naturally acid or alkaline.

 When it comes to weight loss, it's how foods affect your body that
make them acid or alkaline. Does what you eat keep those few parts of
you that should be acid, acidic, and the rest of you, alkaline?

 Or does that food force your entire body to produce acid to dispose
of toxins and then, when that doesn't work, store all those toxins and
extra acid the produce in your fat cells?

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Lose Weight.

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