[Chlug] If you only had ONE survival skill...

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Thu Mar 10 02:52:33 AEDT 2016

 If you had only one survival skill, what would that be?

 Making shelter? No...

 Filtering water? Nope.

 Lighting a fire? Wrong again!

 These are all important but there's one CRITICAL survival skill that
pre-conditions the other three. In other words, if you don't have it,
you're not gonna make it long enough to light that fire.

 It's all about being in shape. And no one talks about it.

 And if right now you're overweight or haven't done a push-up since
high-school, I'm sorry to say but you're toast!

 When disaster strikes, if you can't quickly bug out you're done.

 When caught in a riot, if you can't run, jump, climb and even push
everyone out of your way, that riot is gonna eat you alive.

 If you're at work and you need to get home, your survival chances
will be ZERO when your joints or knees will fail you.

 Dan F. Sullivan, one of the rising stars of the survival community
made a video explaining all of this and... I strongly suggest you
watch it:

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

 I don't care how prepared you are... whether you're a newbie or a
hardcore survivalist. When disaster strikes, you're gonna have to be
fit to do a number of things, EVEN if you're plan is to bug in.

 Remember, things NEVER go as planned and you need your body in
tip-top shape to fight the unpredictable. Watch the video now and...
you can thank me later:

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

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