[Chlug] Do NOT make this prepping mistake!

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Sun Mar 6 02:55:27 AEDT 2016

 My dear prepper,

 Dan F. Sullivan from FamilySurvivalBlueprints.com
 reminded me of one of the biggest prepping mistakes ever.

 See, a lot of people tihnk that eating snow will hydrate you.

 That makes sense, right? Snow is frozen rainwater.
 And rainwater is safe.

 It's wrong wrong WRONG! for two reasons.

 Reason #1: that snow has been sitting there for a while
 so it's full of bacteria that could make you really sick.

 But it gets worse...

 Reason #2: eating snow means your body has to warm
 it first before it can use it to hydrate itself.

 That not only means it will deplete your energy reserves
 (so important in a survival situation) but it could
 get you into hypothermia!

 The solution? Simply BOIL the water and you'll be fine.

 By the way...

 Dan F. Sullivan put together an eye-opening video
 about what it really takes to get your family
 to prepare alongside you.

 He will teach you amazing tips, tricks
 just like the one above. Check it out:

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