[Chlug] Agenda 21: Sick Depopulation Plot Kicks-Off In USA

Mark no-reply at affiliatlysmtp.com
Fri Mar 4 06:26:38 AEDT 2016


Senator Ted Cruz's father, Rafael, warned us about over a year ago. 

At this very moment, the final pieces of this savage agenda are being
put together? 

And in the next 12 months this huge, hushed-up conspiracy may dust off
over 100 million God-loving Americans. 

This leaked information will cause a massive tsunami within our
government and take the heads of some fat Democratic cats. 

Click here before the video is taken down.

PS: Fearful for his family's safety, the man who exposed this wretched
elitist plot chose to keep his identity hidden. 

After watching his report myself, I can see why. 

Fact is, I've never seen anything as outrageous as this. 

Click here
to see for yourself how America's elites plan to "dispose" themselves
of 100 million "useless eaters".

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