[Chlug] The United States OWES more money than exists in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Alan no-reply at affiliatlysmtp.com
Thu Feb 25 02:54:26 AEDT 2016

 This is not a hoax.

 Our reported national debt is said to be around 18 trillion
 which sounds bad enough.

 But in actual fact our debt is closer to a whopping 60 TRILLION!

 Just the interest alone is more than we can afford
 and we are sinking to an even greater level of debt.

 Our nation's treasury bonds are becoming less and
 less valuable on the international markets and our
 global credit rating has been downgraded.

 All of this points to ONE outcome.

 Total Government take over.

 It's already happened in China, Russia, Egypt and South America.

 Just because "we're America", doesn't mean it can't happen here.

 It can and our Government is already preparing for it.

>> Watch this report <<

 It's now time for you to take action and prepare your family.

 As a concerned Patriot myself, it's my duty of care to
 share this information and help as many others as possible.

 This problem will not go away, it will only get worse.

 Eventually… CHAOS.

 I hope you're ready.

>> Watch this leaked report and prepare <<

 Stay safe,


 P.S. We are doing our very best to keep this report online but
 the "powers that be" are trying to cover this up. I urge you to
 watch the report before we are forced to remove it.

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