[Chlug] Why Not Eating Is Making You Gain Weight

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 We need to talk so let's get TO IT!

 You may be having a hard time losing weight, but did you know that
"dieting" can actually help you increase your weight?

 Shocking right? Well I'm here to expose the truth and share the
solution with you.

 Have you tried to lose weight by skipping out meals as well as
forcefully throwing lots of greens down your gullet? Or maybe you
gathered enough motivation together and tried the liquid diet, by just
drinking orange juice every-time you get hungry, until you get a few
days in and you can't do it anymore, you say STUFF THAT!

 And…. All the pounds you lost came running back through the door to
clench onto your body once again.

 Well, don't worry it's not just you!!

 But don't worry, the problem is not yourself, and it's certainly not
your "lack" of willpower.

 There is scientific reasoning behind why your body is doing this to
you. But don't worry, there's good news! You can adjust your body to
work alongside you… so that you can shed all of those extra pounds
that are holding onto your body.

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