[Chlug] What are you willing to trade for success?

Darlene Ziebell Henryiyh26 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 22:13:39 EST 2010


Are you, as a business owner and entrepreneur, achieving your goals? Struggling to expand, differentiate from competition?

The SBA reports that only 33% of small businesses are profitable, the rest fail.

I started and grew 5 very different companies during my entrepreneurial career, and my achievements were gained by overcoming the very same growth pains you are suffering today. 

One secret I learned is that each small business is unique in its strategic offerings. Why use someone else's business model that may not work for them? My 30 years of experience allowed me to come up with a report for you - and it's free - "What 10 Costly Mistakes are You Making?" 

It will assist you in targeting your areas of vulnerability and pass on some examples of my experiences that have saved me immensely. 

Please just link here to receive your free copy:  "What 10 Costly Mistakes are You Making?"  www.goingthedistanceto7figures.com

Darlene Ziebell
Ziebell Enterprises
"Empowering Entrepreneurs"

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