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Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Wed Oct 8 10:50:01 UTC 2003

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Linux.Conf.Au 2004 announces conference programme!
Full details http://lca2004.linux.org.au/programme.cgi

Our much anticipated conference programme is now officially released
into the wild, sporting a new and improved format - with 4 simultaneous
streams, just to make your job harder in choosing which paper
presentation to attend! :-)

We've divided our tutorials and paper presentations into 4 categories -
low-level programming, high-level programming, applications and
advocacy/community/case-studies - so you can better match your interests
to the papers.

So now there's no excuse not to hop onto your closest web browser and
navigate to http://lca2004.linux.org.au/register/ where you can register
and pay for your attendance at LCA 2004 in January 2004.

Be quick though - conference registrations have already passed 100, and
are storming their way towards 150, so if you're planning on coming,
sign up now for the fun!

And as another quick update - since we've last contacted you we've been
pretty busy.  On our website we've announced :

  o conference artwork and posters;
  o Speex encoding;
  o the "Linux and OSS in Government miniconf";
  o Oracle, AARNet, CommSecure, Inetd & Adrenalin as sponsors;
  o an "About SA" web page, as well as an FAQ;
  o FIXITs (BOFs with a purpose);
  o the Live CD project; and
  o the "OLS Best Speaker" award winner.

Whew!  It's been a busy month!  But wait, there's more cool things to
come....  You'll just have to check our website
http://lca2004.linux.org.au regularly to find out more (and while you're
there, why not register? :-)

If you're reading this and you're not subscribed to the lca-announce
mailing list, think about visiting
http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/lca-announce and join up!  That way
you won't miss a thing!

Kimberly Shelt

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