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Tue Apr 3 04:19:20 UTC 2007

to Gen Abacha /Mobutu Sese Seko, has been claimed in
the past six months. This is why I am soliciting for
your cooperation and assistance. Gen. Abacha has 85
consignments deposited with several names and codes.
35 have been claimed in the past six months. Since he
is dead, his first son is also dead in a plane crash,
the second son is facing trial for murder and
embezzlement, the family members are under restricted
arrest without communication. I have finished every
arrangement for you to come and claim consignment No
1201 containing USD 9M and consignment No. 1200
contains USD 15M. My duty is to supply you with all
the information and documents by fax. You will deal
directly with the management. The procedure is simple:

You will apply officially to the Director of
Operations of STANDARD SECURITIES for the release of
consignment No 1200 and No 1201. They will demand for
some documents and secret codes. Call me, Ill supply
you with every detailed information which you will Fax
it to them. 

As soon as they confirm it to be correct, They will
invite you for the collection. If you do not want to
come to Accra Ghana, you can arrange with them to
transfer the consignment to anywhere on agreement. No
body will ever know I am involved in the deal except
the Lawyer who will write an agreement for us. Ill
suggest upon conclusion we share 50  50. 
At the successful conclusion of the deal, youll
arrange for my family and I to come over to your
country. I assure you that the business has been
hatched free for 5 years now, it is very secure and
risk free. You can call me on phone No 233 20 8140464,
Fax No. 233 21 511925, 24 hours for further
explanations and directives on the procedure.

God Bless You.

Sincerely Yours,

Eden Kwaku

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