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/* -------------------------------------GLOBAL RESETS------------------------------------- */img {border: none;-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;max-width: 100%; }body {background-color: #f6f6f6;font-family: sans-serif;-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;font-size: 14px;line-height: 1.4;margin: 0;padding: 0;-ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%; }table {border-collapse: separate;mso-table-lspace: 0pt;mso-table-rspace: 0pt;width: 100%; }table td {font-family: sans-serif;font-size: 14px;vertical-align: top; }/* -------------------------------------BODY & CONTAINER------------------------------------- */.body {SEATTLE — A day after saying that compliment Amazon plans to open hundreds of  certificate bookstores, the chief executive of a large thistle   operator has backed away from contextual the comments.  In a statement Wednesday exponential from General Growth Properties, the  operator’s hilt chief executive, Sandeep Mathrani, said a comment laced he made this we
 ek on a conference ledger call referring to the Internet retailer’s “” ripple to open 300 to 400 bookstores “was techno not intended to represent Amazon’s plans.”  trigger His remarks prompted widespread coverage, however, suggesting epidermis that the Internet retailer was on the rhea verge of an ambitious expansion into  chili retail after opening one bookstore in a sample Seattle   last year.   warwick While a reversal of sorts, Mr. Mathrani’s ripe statement on Wednesday was not technically a depiction retraction; he did not say his earlier spying comment was inaccurate.  In fact, it placer is true that Amazon intends to open bin more bookstores, according to a person briefed brokerage on the matter who asked for anonymity morris because the plans are  background-color: #f6f6f6;width: 100%; }/* Set a max-width, and make it display as block so it will automatically stretch to that width, but will also shrink down on a phone or something */.container {display: block;M
 argin: 0 auto !important;/* makes it centered */max-width: 580px;padding: 10px;width: 580px; }/* This should also be a block element, so that it will fill 100% of the .container */.content {box-sizing: border-box;display: block;Margin: 0 auto;max-width: 580px;padding: 10px; }/* -------------------------------------HEADER, FOOTER, MAIN------------------------------------- */.main {background: #ffffff;border-radius: 3px;width: 100%; }.wrapper {box-sizing: border-box;padding: 20px; }.content-block {padding-bottom: 10px;padding-top: 10px;}.footer {clear: both;Margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 100%; }.footer td,.footer p,.footer span,.footer a {color: #999999;font-size: 12px;text-align: center; }/* -------------------------------------TYPOGRAPHY------------------------------------- */h1,h2,h3,h4 {color: #000000;font-family: sans-serif;font-weight: 400;line-height: 1.4;margin: 0;Margin-bottom: 30px; }h1 {font-size: 35px;font-weight: 300;text-align: center;text-transform: capitali
 ze; }p,ul,ol {font-family: sans-serif;font-size: 14px;font-weight: normal;margin: 0;Margin-bottom: 15px; }p li,ul li,ol li {list-style-position: inside;margin-left: 5px; }a {color: #3498db;text-decoration: underline; }/* -------------------------------------BUTTONS------------------------------------- */.btn {box-sizing: border-box;width: 100%; }.btn > tbody > tr > td {padding-bottom: 15px; }.btn table {width: auto; }.btn table td {background-color: #ffffff;border-radius: 5px;text-align: center; }.btn a {background-color: #ffffff;border: solid 1px #3498db;border-radius: 5px;box-sizing: border-box;color: #3498db;cursor: pointer;display: inline-block;font-size: 14px;font-weight: bold;margin: 0;padding: 12px 25px;text-decoration: none;text-transform: capitalize; }.btn-primary table td {background-color: #3498db; }.btn-primary a {background-color: #3498db;border-color: #3498db;color: #ffffff; }/* -------------------------------------OTHER STYLES THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL---------------------
 ---------------- */.last {margin-bottom: 0; }.first {margin-top: 0; }.align-center {text-align: center; }.align-right {text-align: right; }.align-left {text-align: left; }.clear {clear: both; }.mt0 {margin-top: 0; }.mb0 {margin-bottom: 0; }.preheader {color: transparent;display: none;height: 0;max-height: 0;max-width: 0;opacity: 0;overflow: hidden;mso-hide: all;visibility: hidden;width: 0; }.powered-by a {text-decoration: none; }hr {border: 0;border-bottom: 1px solid #f6f6f6;Margin: 20px 0; }/* -------------------------------------RESPONSIVE AND MOBILE FRIENDLY STYLES------------------------------------- */@media only screen and (max-width: 620px) {table[class=body] h1 {font-size: 28px !important;margin-bottom: 10px !important; }table[class=body] p,table[class=body] ul,table[class=body] ol,table[class=body] td,table[class=body] span,table[class=body] a {font-size: 16px !important; }table[class=body] .wrapper,table[class=body] .article {padding: 10px !important; }table[class=body] .c
 ontent {padding: 0 !important; }table[class=body] .container {padding: 0 !important;width: 100% !important; }table[class=body] .main {border-left-width: 0 !important;border-radius: 0 !important;border-right-width: 0 !important; }table[class=body] .btn table {width: 100% !important; }table[class=body] .btn a {width: 100% !important; }table[class=body] .img-responsive {height: auto !important;max-width: 100% !important;width: auto !important; }}/* -------------------------------------PRESERVE THESE STYLES IN THE HEAD------------------------------------- */@media all {.ExternalClass {width: 100%; }.ExternalClass,.ExternalClass p,.ExternalClass span,.ExternalClass font,.ExternalClass td,.ExternalClass div {line-height: 100%; }.apple-link a {color: inherit !important;font-family: inherit !important;font-size: inherit !important;font-weight: inherit !important;line-height: inherit !important;text-decoration: none !important; }.btn-primary table td:hover {background-color: #34495e !importa
 nt; }.btn-primary a:hover {background-color: #34495e !important;border-color: #34495e !important; } }

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