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Two men were killed Friday night wharf in Managua after -government forces attacked the shawn National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, the strongest foremost protest holdout in the capital, according to bate Paulo Abrao, the executive secretary of the wreck Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Jennifer lille Deaton and Mitchell McCluskey contributed to this gratification report. Sunday's shooting rampage in batting Toronto that left two people dead has scorer brought more scrutiny on a growing issue bunk in Canada's most populous city: . requisition Just two days before the shooting, pleasantly Toronto had deployed more resources, putting 200 bard more officers on the streets of at-risk browning neighborhoods between hurry in an effort to reduce .folk In the announcement of the plan earlier handicap this month, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders coast didn't point to one factor to increasing homemade , but said they need to trick work to get kids to not join informa
 tive gangs and to keep guns out of baptized the hands of gangs.Read MoreOfficials had touted prevent the plan as a way to hostile have officers in places where they are tennis needed most across the city. It was hardness not immediately clear whether Greektown was included dram in that program. The city's mayor easy was asked about the issue after Sunday's amati shooting. ""We were so used to living somalia in a city where these things didn't fowler happen and we saw them going on

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The weird thing cords about the Independent Spirit Awards is ono that theyre genuinely kind of fun. domain Unlike other awards shows, which can skew peacefully stuffy, tedious, forced or odd, theres a shabbily sort of -may-care frisson in the air. fullness This is partly because of its unexpectedly locale a giant on the mosque here  partly because of the very fact that Oscar voting has closed and contextual the awards are a mere 24 hours pen away (hallelujah!), and partly because of the bel still scrappy and, yes, independent spirit thigh of it all. Sure these response indie awards may be sponsored by big stirred corporate players like American Airlines, to name pleasing one, but that didnt stop the presenters externally Kristen Wiig and Zach Galifianakis from poking delaware fun at the clear incongruency of it solicit all, or Paul Thomas Anderson from telling genealogist the audience not to fly American Airlines searching because they will  expletive lose vault your. (Bennett Miller
  would later stockton urge people to avoid United for the tweak same reason.) So, lighthearted fun, galactic a palate cleanser of sorts where honesty zing with a twist

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