[Advocacy] From Mr. Dave Ratha Sun

Dave Ratha Sun sdaveratha at gmx.us
Tue Jan 7 21:46:05 EST 2014


My name is Mr. Dave Ratha Sun the Director of Audit and accounts section and a manager to some individual accounts in a prevalent financial corporation here in south East Asia, because to my position i will need your co-operative assistance to surreptitiously move a certain fortune/funds of a certain deceased client with NO CLANS.

Because of urgency i decided to e-mail you, my reason for contacting you is because I want you and i to benefit from this business proposal I tend to pick up with you if you can indicate your positive interest. 40% of the sum is yours for your help, NOTE; all process is completely risk free,I will detail you on the process on receiving your optimistic swift response.


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