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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Sun Aug 13 22:52:49 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I thought I would pass this on for general interest and for anyone near
Sydney not on the SLUG mailing lists.

It'd be great to hear what other teams are planning on the linux-aus mailing
list, to get the word out and people excited :) There are about 15 teams in
Australia again registered with SFD, and you can find what they are all
doing on http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/oceania/au/ which is generally
up to date for the different teams.


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Hi all,

with 5 weeks to go till Software Freedom Day 2006, I'd happy to announce
some of the great talks and activities happening this year. Rather than
handing out CDs on the streets as we did last year, I thought it would be
good to have some high profile talks at a great venue and try to
specifically encourage university students to come and participate. I think
that going to the streets was fun, and we got a lot of interest, but we had
a low retention rate of people who actually got involved in the community.
Holding SFD at a University and advertising it at every University in Sydney
would be a great way of getting more people involved and hopefully a higher
retention rate :)

Software Freedom Day 2006 will be held at the University of NSW and we have
a great line up of tech and culture focused speakers to explore why Software
Freedom is so important. We're planning on having a breakout room, so anyone
who wants to run installfest workshops, sysadmin workshops, AV workshops and
any other type of event, please add it to the wiki. For instance, it might
be useful to have a FOSS for education 1 hr workshop and invite a bunch of
teachers. It might be fun to install free software on proprietary devices,
the sky's the limit :)

We need people to help out. It would be fun to have a few teams taking
information and CDs down into Kensington and Randwick to encourage people to
participate. We need people to help put up posters in every University
around Sydney. We also need people to help with running sessions, with the
AV (the day will be recorded and put online afterwards, see Silvia for
details on that). We also need people to help in the month leading up to the
event to be spreading the word and helping build a buzz up to get people
along. We can have around 350 people at the venue, so the more the better!
Bring along your friends, family, and workmates. You know, the ones you've
been talking to about FOSS for years but don't get it :) Bring along your
flatmates, and bosses, and run something fun as a workshop for your
communities. Perhaps a "Software Freedom for retirees" workshop? 

I'm putting together some posters to put up today. If everyone could please
drop me an email with what they'd like to help out with, or update the wiki
with workshops they'd like to run and their names on the helpers list, that
would be fantastic!

For anyone that has media and radio contacts, please give me a bell so we
can get the word out on this as soon as possible.



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