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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Mon Aug 15 22:57:04 UTC 2005

Hi Scott,

<quote who="scott stringer">

> My Name is Scott Stringer I am heading up Queenstown Tasmania's SFD
> event on the 10th of September.  We will have a small lab of computers
> setup for people to play with.  We will also be handing out cd's ubuntu
> and kubuntu as well as copies of the opencd for those who are unwilling
> to try a live cd, but are still interested in open source software.  We
> may also run a combined install fest of sorts if we can get the
> resources (people to assist).  We will also be screening "Revolution OS"
> for any one interested in the history of free software/open source
> software.

Great, it looks like it'll be a full and fantastic day!

> We put in a request for materials from SFD but dont know if that was
> successfull yet.

I haven't got mine yet, however I know a few people who have, so it
shouldn't be too far away.

> I will be attending the Tasmanian Communities Online Annual Conference
> on the 25th and 26th of August doing a series of workshops on open
> source software and in particular GNU Linux and how it can benifit the
> disadvantaged in our society.  I am hoping that the Conference will
> generate more interest and possibly get more Tasmanian communities
> involved with SFD.  

Wow, I'll give you the details about the community centres I am involved in
coordinating. One is in a disadvantaged area of Sydney, and one in rural
Northern Territory. Photos and stories from them may help your presentation.

> There are 66 Online Access Centres in Tasmania serving 66 different
> communities and they are ideally suited to promoting such events as SFD.
> As well as acting as a point of support for members of there local
> communities.

Awesome! Let me know if I or Linux Australia can help out at all. 

> Any way wound really tight at the moment cant wait to get out there and
> spread the word :)

Fantastic! Please make sure everyone takes some photos and writes up here
how it went so we can get some good post-event press to drive next year. I'm
going to put together a bit of a "release cycle" for next year so we have
heaps of press leading up to the event, but this year will rock nonetheless.

Rock on everyone!


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