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Andrew Rowe andrew.rowe at abs.gov.au
Wed Aug 15 14:08:04 EST 2012

It'll be my first time as a presenter and I'd love a guide on what to do to
make my half hour of fame not a half hour of infamy.


Presentation facilities available.
Where to put slides and file resources
How long will it take to setup.
Make up.
Overhead projector resolutions to prepare for.
Internet facilities at the lectern.

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There's not long to go until PyCon AU kicks off here in Hobart, so I
figure it's worth kicking a bit of life into this mailing list.  It's
here for you to communicate with other people attending the
conference, so feel free to make a bit of noise.

And we organisers are very happy to answer any questions you have
about the conference.

So, is there anything you want to know about the conference? Anything
that we can do to help improve you're stay while you're here in
Hobart? Ask away!


--Christopher Neugebauer

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