[PyCon-AU-chat] Hobart OpenStack Dojo -- Friday 17 August

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 08:28:24 EST 2012

Hello there!

The Australian OpenStack User Group has a Chef & Puppet Dojo happening
on the Friday before PyCon AU kicks off in Hobart.  If you're into
Devops-ish stuff, this could be of interest to you!

All the relevant infos are at: http://aosug.openstack.org.au/events/72708142/



Australian OpenStack User Group Hobart Meetup - adjacent to PyCon AU
2012, An OpenStack Puppet and Chef Dojo!

When: 9.30am to 3.30pm on Friday August 17th

What: A meetup for developers and system administrators who want to
start actively spinning up and deploying OpenStack virtual machines as
part of their day to day jobs.

Who: This is not an introductory event to OpenStack. People attending
this meetup should have used OpenStack and previously deployed a VM on

How: This event will take the form of a 'code dojo' which means
everyone will actively participate during the day. The dojo is based
on the idea that there is a computer in the middle of the room that
everyone takes a turn on to try and solve the problems that the Sensei
proposes. The specific problems that the two dojo's Senseis will be
addressing are the use of configuration deployment management software
for creating, managing and versioning virtual machines for OpenStack.

Why: to be a rockstar OpenStack DevOps.
--Christopher Neugebauer

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