[PyCon-AU-chat] Meeting up at the airport

Benno Rice benno at jeamland.net
Mon Aug 6 13:08:58 EST 2012

How many people are coming in on Thursday? I can add those flights if there's lots of you...

The current list is the Friday flights, as dug up by Mr. Neugebauer himself (thanks!).

On 06/08/2012, at 1:07 PM, Scott Sinclair <scott-pycon at sbs.id.au> wrote:

> Looks good! 
> Only thing is, I think most people fly in Friday, but I fly in Thursday.
> Not sure how much you want to modify it ;-)
> Scott
> On Mon 06 Aug, 2012 at 12:11:49 +1000, Benno Rice wrote:
>> So to make it easier for people to work out who's getting to the airport when (and to give me a prop for my presentation), I give you:
>> http://pycon-meetup.jeamland.net/
>> It's unauthenticated but there's no need to provide it with contact details (or even a real name).
>> Enjoy. =)
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