[PyCon-AU-announce] Python in Australian Education Seminar returns for PyCon AU 2016

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Wed Feb 24 10:20:24 AEDT 2016

PyCon AU 2016 is happy to announce the second of our special events, the
Python in Australian Education seminar! This annual, one-day event brings
together professional educators across primary, secondary and tertiary
levels, as well as Python community workshop organisers, professional
Python instructors, and Python developers interested in better engaging
with the Australian educational community. This multi-disciplinary approach
allows representatives of these groups to share their personal experiences
and interests in relation to the use of Python in Australian education, and
to identify areas of potential collaboration with each other and with the
broader Python community.

Python is a popular “first language” for programmers young and old,
especially those making the transition from graphical programming
environments like Scratch to text based development. Teaching with Python
also offers many opportunities to connect with the wider technology
community, as Python is also frequently adopted for real world software
development, being cited by IEEE Spectrum magazine as one of the top 5 most
widely used programming languages in industry [1].

“The inaugural version of this event in Brisbane provided a wonderful
opportunity to help foster greater collaboration between Australian
educators and the Australian open source community, so it's exciting to be
bringing that opportunity to Melbourne in 2016” said event co-coordinator
and Python Software Foundation board member, Nick Coghlan.

Those curious as to just what this seminar is about may want to take a look
at the recorded presentations from the 2015 event [2]. More information
about the 2016 call for presentations and how to get involved will be
circulated as we get closer to the conference. For now, block out your
diaries on August 12th (or for the whole conference from August 12th to
16th), start preparing your travel plans and talking to your principal in
preparation for this unique event.


[2] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4CJRBY5F1I5vuApyUXp6bLWly1E-b0s

=== About PyCon Australia ===

PyCon Australia is the national conference for the Python programming
community. The seventh PyCon Australia will be held on August 12-16 2016 in
Melbourne, bringing together professional, student and enthusiast
developers with a love for programming in Python. PyCon Australia informs
the country’s developers with presentations by experts and core developers
of Python, as well as the libraries and frameworks that they rely on.

To find out more about PyCon Australia 2016, visit our website at
http://pycon-au.org, follow us at @pyconau <https://twitter.com/pyconau> or
e-mail us at contact at pycon-au.org.
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