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Joe Dalton joedalton2 at yahoo.dk
Tue Jun 24 00:09:22 EST 2014

Hi, we have lost contact with our Australian translator, and is searching for a new translator, so Tux Paint can be used by kids and schools in Australia. Hope you can help out, or create contact to existing schools using Tux Paint and who 
could be interested in helping out.

I have cross posted with allies (but it seems to be inactive).


--- Den lør 7/6/14 skrev Joe Dalton <joedalton2 at yahoo.dk>:

> Fra: Joe Dalton <joedalton2 at yahoo.dk>
> Emne: Tux Paint English (Australian)
> Til: caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
> Cc: en_AU at li.org
> Dato: lørdag 7. juni 2014 13.02
> Hi Caroline Ford,
> You have previously helped Tux Paint with a translation for
> English (Australian) (en_AU). Tux Paint is preparing a new
> version and strings has changed/been added to the program
> and we hope we can use your skills once more.
> The stats for the Tux Paint program is for English
> (Australian) (en_AU):
> 189 translated
> 88 fuzzy
> 12 untranslated
> I have attached an updated po file, which you can translate
> and return to me or even better to the mailing list: tuxpaint-i18n at lists.sourceforge.net.
> If the time and the desire is not there at the moment, we
> hope you can guide us to any translation groups for English
> (Australian) (en_AU), which we can contact and ask for
> help.
> Hope to hear from you.
> Joe
> Danish
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