[Linux-aus] Grant request: Contribution to Senate voting source code FOI request review.

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Jun 24 12:18:54 EST 2014

On Tue, 24 Jun 2014 00:22:02 Bret Busby wrote:
> But then, if Linux Australia is not confined to issues relating to 
> Linux, and, is to be involved in pursuing the concern "that the 
> workings of our government be open and accountable", where is the line 
> to be drawn?


Francois has already provided the above URL, just in case it's not clear 
enough for you here's the relevant sections:

# Linux Australia was founded with a focus on the Linux operating system but
# quickly evolved to embrace all facets of open technology. Open technology is
# a term encompassing openness in source code, standards, formats, licences
# and APIs. Whether for software sources, documents, hardware designs, images
# or works of art, we value the use of open licenses to promote the creative
# reuse of intellectual effort.

# We value free access to, sharing of and repurposing of information, in
# particular that information held by the public sector.

Now you could lobby for a change in the way Linux Australia is run.  Some of 
us wanted Linux Australia to be a Linux-focussed sub-committee of an umbrella 
organisation that covered all areas of free software/hardware/etc.  But we 
lost that vote.  So it doesn't seem likely that you will get what you want if 
you try to change this, but feel free to give it a go.

> Should Linux Australia then become involved in lobbying for a judicial 
> enquiry into the influencing of the ACT magistracy, by the federal 
> attoney general, in the case of the member of the politburo who was let 
> off the drunk driving charge ("You should let our little mate off - our 
> little mate has immunity, because she IS our little mate"), or, involved 
> in lobbying for an enquiry by the UN, into why the Australian federal 
> parliament, having signed a document that stated that the International 
> Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, "entered into force in 
> Australia", more than thirty years ago, but, has never been of any 
> effect, with the previous government (and, this is not just 
> limited to the ALP/Greens Party - it equally applies to the LNP) having 
> decided that Australians are not entitled to human rights, despite the 
> "consultative process" (and all of the resources and money that that 
> involved), having showed that the people who took part, made it clear 
> that Australians should have human rights, and, legislative protection 
> of human rights?

Thanks for this, I think it really helps everyone here assess your arguments, 
both now and in the future.

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