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Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Mon Jun 9 11:01:32 EST 2014

Hi Russell,

While this mailing list has a lot of community talk on it, it is also
intended for technical conversation.

One of the reasons we created the new policies[0] list was to move
heavier discussions into their own place to lighten the traffic to this

If there is enough interest in a separate mailing list for technical
questions that is something that can be considered. However perhaps we
could try using this list first since it has the subscribers and see how
that goes?


[0] http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/policies

On 05/06/14 17:50, Russell Coker wrote:
> Could we please have some mailing lists for general Linux technical questions?  
> I think maybe one for sysadmin and one for programming would be good.
> Since I left SAGE-AU I've wanted some sort of replacement for their mailing 
> list but without the things that made me leave.

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