[Linux-aus] LCA attendance

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Sun Jun 1 12:16:48 EST 2014

Hi Russell,

The capacity of the venue usually sets this ceiling but sometimes the
organisers also decide to cap it at X amount even if their venue can
cater for more in order to keep the feel of the conference.

However, unless an LCA announces it has sold out there is often still
room for more! 2014 wasn't an anomaly as few LCA's have actually
enforced a cap (to my knowledge).

So yes, we could all be promoting the conference to our friends and
colleagues as they are all welcome. The organisers usually do as an
"extreme promotion of LCA" as they can but are often limited in
resources (so the more help the better!).


On 01/06/14 11:39, Russell Coker wrote:
> My impression in the past was that the number of delegates at an LCA was 
> always capped by the capacity of the venue and that it always sold out.
> Given that assumption I haven't been in the practice of promoting LCA.
> Do we often have unsold tickets or was 2014 an anomaly?
> Should we have a plan for extreme promotion of LCA if it looks like there will 
> be unsold tikets?

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