[Linux-aus] BarCamp Geelong - 9th July - formal request for grant $500

BarCampGeelong info at barcampgeelong.org
Tue May 31 20:18:47 EST 2011

Hi Linux Autralia,

We've now worked out a budget for BarCampGeelong - attached (called .xls 
as we have multiple people working on it - but done in LibreOffice!) - 
and would like to submit a formal request for a $500 grant towards the 
operation of BarCampGeelong. I believe the event is in alignment with 
Linux Australia's aims and values in the following ways;

1. The event will deliberately target younger people - specifically 
Deakin University and Gordon TAFE students in Geelong - which is in 
alignment with Linux Australia's stated aims of outreach towards younger 

2. The event will not be exclusively FL/OSS based, however LUV are 
interested in running a Linux mini-conf/ install fest as part of the event.

3. The event will adopt the anti-harassment policy (I have yet to update 
the website though - of course it runs on FOSS software!!) that was used 
at LCA2011

4. The event has made contact with the LCA2012 crew (specifically Sae 
Ra) and will facilitate cross-promotion of LCA2012 (Geelong is a one 
hour drive from Ballarat)

In terms of governance, I can commit to the following;

- A post event report, similar to previous BarCamp event reports, 
outlining and quantifying the success of the event, based on a brief 
survey which will assess demographics and event strengths and weaknesses.

Deakin Uni is likely to waive event hire fees (around $750 worth), so 
the main cost of the day will be in catering. We're aiming to keep 
things simple - but even sandwiches for around 80 people soon adds up. I 
intend to charge a $10 registration fee, but more to ensure people don't 
register then not turn up. Depending on sponsorship, we may reimburse 
registration fees (unlikely at this stage). Wireless is being provided 
by Deakin IT (my boss Craig Warren has been a brilliant support for the 
whole thing!)

So, what can we offer in exchange?

- Linux Australia logo on event posters, website, all correspondence, 
press releases etc
- Mention during opening speech
- Shoutouts on Twitter, Identi.ca etc

(I know that's not a lot - if there's more we can do please let me know!)

Why $500?

Well, based on calculations we need to make up a shortfall of around 
$840 - so figured we would try for $500 and take whatever Linux Aus is 
comfortable with distributing :-)

Please let me know if you'd like any more information - and thanks for 
your consideration!

Kind regards,

On 12/05/11 21:29, Mike Carden wrote:
> Hi Kathy.
> The council likes the sound of the event. No issues with dates.
> When you have a budget worked out, please send it to us and we will
> look upon it favourably.
> :-)
> --
> MC on behalf of the LA council

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