[Linux-aus] Council Meeting Minutes 20110516

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Tue May 31 11:18:13 EST 2011

These minutes are also available at http://linux.org.au/meeting/2011-05-26

Thu, 2011-05-26 20:02 - 21:10

Present: Alice Boxhall (chair), Joshua Hesketh, Mary Gardiner, Mike Carden, Kelly Yeoh, Peter Lieverdink, Josh Stewart (representing LCA2012 subcommittee)
Apology: John Ferlito

LCA 2012 update
Josh from the Ballarat team has dialed in to provide the council with an update on where LCA2012 is at.
LCA2012 updates were provided in camera.
Josh Stewart left the meeting after providing the update.

LCA bid process
Now closed
Council to go over the Canberra bid as individuals and find out if there are questions etc.
Mike points out that 2013 venues need early booking in Canberra due to the centenary and encourages early notice of the result.
15th May - Submission of formal bids closes.
Jun-Aug  - The council clarifies any questions regarding the bids and visits each bid team.
Sep - The council decides on the winning city and informs the bidding teams.
Jan - The winning bid is announced at the LCA closing ceremony or dinner.

Budget (from 1 October onwards if constitution changes)
Work in progress.

Drupal Down Under 2012
One confirmed keynote.

Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
Donations: Work in progress.

Compliance with Fair Trading documentation
Filing of previous years' financial statements
All filed up to 31 December 2009. Great work by Mary and John.
Can't file 2010 until after the SGM.

SGM planning
Treasurer's report
Might need to be amended. Won't know possibly for a few weeks. Need to file a time extension form with Fair Trading.
Needs to happen by 30 June 2011 (if no extension).
Mary suggests doing this separately on IRC

Constitutional amendments
Probably won't happen till mid-July at the earliest. If the finances take some weeks, we can combine both SGMs again. Need a venue for that and motions need to be drafted.
Conferencing needs: video streaming FROM the room, audio call-ins

Grant request: sponsorship for PHPConfAU
Discussions with organisers in progress.

Appointing media team
Mike had some preliminary discussions about this last year with Sarah Stokely and James Purser and then it slipped through the cracks.No additional volunteers so far from call in the last newsletter.
Kelly is interested.
Alice offers to help out as well.
Current order of media responsibility: Kelly, Mike, Alice.
Media team responsibilities:
Quick turnaround on journalist contacts
Writing "first draft" of responses and/or poking people for information/opinion

(Re)appointing public officer
John has confirmed that Terry Dawson is happy to be formally appointed as the public officer.
Motion: To appoint Mr Terry Dawson as public officer.
Proposed: Alice
Second: Peter
Carried unanimously.
Will appoint Terry Dawson. Will file the form when we file the 2010 treasurer's report.

Webpage changes, Mediawiki
Prior to the meeting John wrote to extend his thanks for the website work to Peter, Josh and Mary.
MediaWiki not completely set up so we will move to it after set up.

PyCon AU grant request
PyCon AU would like to fund a speaker's international travel
Not appropriate to make it a grant; PyCon to re-submit their budget with this included, for review by Council.
Should we codify the rights/responsibilities of conferences run as subcommittees vis-a-vis using profits in this way?

Ben Martin's LA Diaspora request
Peter doesn't think we have the necessary hardware resources at the moment
Council would consider a fuller proposal, but it needs someone to volunteer to head it up, and also someone to determine if there is sufficient interest from members to make this worthwhile.

WordCamp Gold Coast's bank account etc
Difficult to use a single Paypal account because it doesn't distinguish between conferences.
Multiple Paypal accounts will be set up, irritating documentation requirements.
Would a different payment gateway in the longer term be good?

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