[Linux-aus] Proposed constitutional changes: cessation of membership

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Mon May 2 17:46:15 EST 2011

On 01/05/11 07:14, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> In answer to David: in many associations, this fee is around $25+ per 
> member,
> not really token.

What other associations choose doesn't really have bearing on what we 
choose to do, so let us consider only the proposal before us, which is 
to charge $2 (or, if some other amount is determined by the committee, 
that other amount.)

Is there a good reason why the association should be put to the effort 
and expense of collecting large quantities of trivial amounts?

The goal might be to introduce a more significant fee by stealth, but I 
am certain that it is not the case.  If, in the future, a real fee needs 
to be charged, I have no doubt that the then current committee will want 
to make their own appropriate constitutional change, including terms of 

Quite honestly, I can see the current proposal, if passed, being used in 
future to thwart other, naive members.  Following the KISS principle, if 
the goal is simply to have a legal, financial standing of members, then 
99 years is the traditional period of time for us to use.  It's been 
legally tested by time and I see every reason why we should adopt it.

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