[Linux-aus] Draft: New subcommittee policy and procedure

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Wed Mar 23 23:26:04 EST 2011

Hello All,

Linux Australia is looking to clear up their list of subcommittees and 
teams to have proper documentation of who is involved in what and to 
delegate appropriate authority to these teams.

We have drafted a new policy document that highlights the purpose of 
teams and what is involved which you can find here: 
This is currently a draft and we are looking for feedback from the 
community - particularly members involved in teams - before our next 
meeting (31/03/11).

Documentation of what subcommittes do what and who is on them is a bit 
haphazard at the moment so we would like to perform an audit on all of 
the existing teams and subcommittees. This includes all LCA, DDU, 
Wordcamp, PyConAu, web-team, admin-team, mirror-team, zookeepr etc. What 
this involves is working out who among your team you would like to be 
coordinator (and treasurer if appropriate) and filling out the list on 
this page: http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/ListOfTeamsAndSubCommittees . 
The role of the team needs to be reasonably specific so that we can 
delegate authority to your subcommittee. Once we have reviewed the role, 
membership and leadership of your subcommittee we will pass a motion to 
delegate authority to you and change your status on that page to 
approved and let you know what reporting requirements we will have.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

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