[Linux-aus] grant request - SFD - Canberra

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Sat Sep 11 14:39:27 EST 2010

Date: 11 September 2010

Project Name: Software Freedom Day Canberra


Aim of Project:

To highlight the benefits of Free Software to a group of computer consumers.

Person Responsible for Request:

Daniel Black (Canberra Linux Users Group)


SFD Sponsorship <$150 (still waiting of final costing)

CLUG members have held an event a SFD event at the Canberra Computer Markets 
over the last 5 years. We have progressively received a higher awareness 
amongst the computer market customers as to what software freedom and free 
software is.

This year we hope to continue this tradition on the 18th September. In this 
event we will continue to promote the benefits of freedom to new buyers of 
computer gear that visit the markets and to a large proportion of business and 
government people visiting the market in a personal capacity. 

The computer market is a commercial entity that provides stall holders access 
to a consolidated market. They have typically offered some discount on stall 
costs to us however due to late organisation the exact total is unknown. The 
funding amount of $150 (or less) will cover the cost of 1-2 tables at the 
venue and reimbursement of the $3 entry fee to our volunteers (if they happen 
to be charged this).

The presence at the computer market will be used to promote a Linux 
Installfest organised for the 23 September.

I realise this request is within 2 weeks of the actual event. Apologies for 
its lateness. Individual(s) have agreed to fund this activity in a personal 
capacity. This event will go ahead regardless of LA funding however its 
benefits are for the wider community and having individuals not out of pocket 
would be great if you consider the cause appropriate.

Thanks for your consideration,

Daniel Black

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