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Andy White andy at lgsolutions.com.au
Thu Mar 20 01:23:01 EST 2008

The php mail function takes the 'from' header as an argument. You  
could change that in your code; you could also change the default  
value in php.ini.

You will need a valid email address to send the mail from, or else  
well-configured mailservers are going to reject your email. You could  
try user@<ipaddress>, mileage may vary (it may work, but I have a  
vague recollection that it's against the standard).

At a worst-case, I'd recommend a) acquiring a domain name or b) using  
another email address you happen to have control of or c) getting an  
email address with another provider (ie.  
noreply.sudokusolver at gmail.com or the like) and using that to at least  
get your mail delivered.

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On 20/03/2008, at 9:00 AM, Deepan wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am using sendmail via php mail function to send
> emails. However few servers reject my mails with
> the error 'Sender address rejected: Domain not
> found', since mails from my server are sent as
> email at localhost.localdomain. How do I change this
> to a valid domain name ? We only own a public IP.
> we dont really have a domain name, is it possible
> to use IP ?
> Regards
> Deepan
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