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Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Wed Jul 27 02:20:30 EST 2011

Hi Linux Australia Council!

At BarCampGeelong (doing the post event report and finances as we speak) 
a few of us got chatting about the possibility of having LCA in Geelong 
in 2014.
I'm doing a random brain dump of some of the initial thoughts around 
this in case it needs to go into a wiki somewhere, and in case the worst 
happens and I'm not around in 2014.

Key people and stakeholders that would need to be involved:

  * Deakin Events - key contact Luke O'Brien

Name: 	Mr Luke O'Brien
Position: 	Commercial Events Officer
Centre: 	External Relations
Area: 	External Relations Group
Campus: 	Geelong Waterfront Campus
Tel: 	+61 3 522 78121
Email: 	luke.obrien at deakin.edu.au <mailto:luke.obrien at deakin.edu.au>

  * Another key contact at Deakin is Craig Warren (Kathy's boss - looks
    after 120 Operational Service Provision staff - ie all the technical
    staff in ITSD) - ccw at deakin.edu.au. Was brilliantly supportive of
    BarCampGeelong and would be a very good person to keep on side for
    something like this.
  * Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) - as they run the 1500 seat
    Costa Hall facility (not run by Deakin) (I don't have a contact) -
  * Geelong City Council - have a major events program (sorry don't have
    a contact) -
  * ICT Geelong - contactis Craig Hil**lEmail
    :craigh at sedconsulting.com.au
    <mailto:craigh at sedconsulting.com.au>Contact: 0408 390 930
    <mailto:craigh at sedconsulting.com.au>
  * Also be aware that there are plans afoot to build a 1500-capacity
    convention centre in Geelong - but it is unlikely to be operational
    until 2018.

Other key benefits of Geelong

  * Avalon airport with shuttle bus to city
  * Plenty of accommodation close to Deakin Waterfront
  * Deakin Waterfront has great wireless capability and great audio visual
  * The city has the infrastructure for entertainment, food etc.
  * Train station 10 min walk away
  * Great AV facilities at the campus
  * Great restaurants, plenty to see / do
  * Gateway to Bellarine Peninsula, great tourism facilities

Key issues / stuff that would have to be thought about;

  * Do we have enough Linux people in Geelong to make it happen? Do they
    have the right skills / competencies / passion?
  * Will people travel to a regional area again?
  * Would it be commercially viable?
  * Is it the best time to have it (there's quite a few festivals on in
    Geelong in January - accommodation is scarce but it might bring more
    people to the event)

Anyway, wanted to brain dump before it disappears :-)

Kind regards,

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