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Thu Sep 29 09:28:14 AEST 2016

We’re very pleased to share this year’s selected talks and tutorials
for linux.conf.au 2017, taking place from Monday 16 January to Friday
20 January in Hobart, Tasmania.

Selected from over 400 submissions, this year’s linux.conf.au
programme features 84 talks and 6 tutorials. Our diverse presenters,
coming to Hobart from all around the world, directly shape the
projects and topics they’re presenting about. They’ll help you
understand the tools, the technology, and the issues that are shaping
the Future of Open Source.

You can find our full list of accepted presentations at

For those who want to know what’s happening close to the hardware, we
have presentations covering upcoming features of the Linux kernel, new
approaches in networking, and stories from people who’ve been making
and breaking the latest new and unusual hardware.

If you’re a developer, we’ll be covering the latest developments in
Open Source browsers, new tools for targeting mobile platforms, war
stories from developers working with emerging programming languages,
and how design and usability shapes the applications we develop.

Sysadmins and devops can look forward to talks about the future of
tools that make systems run better, including talks on automated
builds, configuration management, new tools for working with
containers, and package management.

We also have a strong line-up of talks looking into community, policy,
and business issues in Open Source. We’ll look at how Open Source is
playing a more important role in Government, how businesses can better
participate in Open Source, and how Open Source can provide better
communities for users and developers.

And of course, linux.conf.au will feature its usual fare of people
doing cool stuff with Open Source Software and Hardware: from cars, to
planes, and even into space.

Our tutorials will provide you with practical experience in a diverse
range of topics in Free and Open Source Software. This year we’re
featuring tutorials on devops with SaltStack, home automation, the
Rust programming language, .NET on Linux, Linux containers, and GPL

If you want to find out about these talks, tutorials, and more, check
out our full list of accepted presentations at

You’ll emerge from linux.conf.au 2017 knowing where the world of Open
Source is heading, with skills and knowledge to be a part of the
Future of Open Source.

We expect to announce ticket sales and accommodation options shortly.

== About linux.conf.au 2017 ==

linux.conf.au is a community-driven conference about the Linux
operating system and the vibrant ecosystem of Free and Open Source
Software that has grown up around it. Run in a different Australian or
New Zealand city each year by local volunteers, LCA invites more than
500 people to learn from the people who shape the future of Open

In 2017, linux.conf.au is welcoming you to Hobart, Tasmania, on Monday
16 through to Friday 20 January. Ticket sales will open in October. We
thank our Emperor Penguin Sponsors, IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise
for their generous contribution to the conference. For more
information, please visit https://linux.conf.au

--Christopher Neugebauer <chair at hobart.lca2017.org>

Conference Director - linux.conf.au - January 2017 - Hobart

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