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Wed Jan 26 14:43:48 EST 2011

Hi All,

Following on from Shaun's announcement this morning of BoF (Bird of
Feather) sessions, here are some details.

To all those who would like to hold a BoF in a room provided, while
respecting the BoF's already allocated, please add your BoF to this
schedule on the lca2011 wiki:


After doing this, feel free to add the relevant details to your BoF
registered on this wiki page:


Related to this, the *Inkscape: Basic tools and techniques* Tutorial
will be held in room N517, (not N518) No BoF's can be held in this
room at that time. This is so that those attending Donna's excellent
tutorial can use a flat surface to create their Inkscape masterpieces.

Marco Ostini - LCA2011 - Papers team chair
marco at lca2011.linux.org.au

Follow the flow to Brisbane!

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