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Fri Aug 5 14:53:02 EST 2011


The organisers of LCA 2012 and its parent organization, Linux
Australia, are sympathetic to concern from speakers and attendees
about whether LCA 2012 will have an official code of conduct. The
Linux Australia Council believe in the importance of making members
feel welcome and safe at our events, and are committed to continuing
to adopt an official code of conduct for all the conferences it runs
as well as the Linux Australia organization itself. In particular, a
code of conduct for LCA 2012 will be in place by the time conference
registration opens.

Linux Australia has been working on these documents for several months
and are currently consulting with the Ada Initiative, the council
members, and its membership. Our aim is to have something to present
to the community for discussion within the next few weeks. We thank
everyone for their contributions so far and look forward to more
discussion shortly.

John Ferlito
President, Linux Australia

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LCA2012                          http://lcaunderthestars.org.au

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