[lca-announce] Linux.conf.au 2003 conference proceedings ISO is out!

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Tue Apr 8 17:11:05 UTC 2003

Linux.Conf.Au 2003 is pleased to present the finale of the 2003
conference - the online version of the conference proceedings.

During the conference in January 2003, the audio of each session of
the conference was recorded into Ogg Speex format. These recordings
have been placed onto the conference proceedings CD-ROM, along with
copies of the presentations, abstracts, and other files related to
the presentations. The conference CD-ROMs will be posted to each
delegate who attended the conference.  In the meantime, the ISO
image of the CD-ROM is being distributed online from a number of
mirror sites, the list of which can be seen at:


(Please note that in accordance to .conf.au domain policy, the
domain name Linux.conf.au has now expired, but will return soon for
the 2004 conference.)

Linux.Conf.Au wishes to thank all who attended, and hopes everyone
will return to Adelaide in 2004.

 -- the Linux.conf.au 2003 organisers

 Bernard Blackham 
 bernard at blackham dot com dot au

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