[lca-announce] Linux.conf.au 2002 Registrations Open!

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Mon Dec 10 11:00:04 UTC 2001

Hello, world:

The 2002 organising committee is very happy to announce (to the
lca-announce list, duh) that registrations for the upcoming conference
in Brisbane, Australia are being accepted[1] by snail mail:  simply
print the form on the website, fill it out, and send it in.

Online registrations will be available later this week.

LUGs and highly organised people should notice that registrations of
ten (10) or more people on one form paid by cheque receive a 10%

Further, early-bird registrations come at a reduced rate; if you don't
want the reduced rate you can simply pay in full, but please pay as
early as possible, anyway.  (Register early, register often!)

Those wishing to register as Individuals should note that the cost of
the dinner has been separated from the price of registration, just
like the 2001 conference.

Please note that because of recent changes to the Australian DNS
administration policy, the uber-cool linux.conf.au domain name is
unlikely to make a return for this year's conference.

As always, the place to find news and information regarding this
year's conference is:


See you at the conference!


Jason `Dazed and Confused' Parker,
       on behalf of the 2002 organising committee

[1] : http://linux.org.au/conf/register.html

[2] : Apparently someone else will be doing the math when checking
      registrations forms.
|                                             http://linux.org.au/conf/ |
|                                                      jasonp at uq.net.au |

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