[Grants] Grant Application from Lachlan de Waard for Ampache, ampache-docker, python3-ampache

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Tue Dec 10 17:10:18 AEDT 2019

Your Email Address: lachlan.00 at gmail.com
Project name: Ampache, ampache-docker, python3-ampache
Aim of the project: The Ampache project [https://github.com/ampache] has suffered from it's long history and it's old codebase.
After a few years of general inaction; the code had become insecure and out of date after the last active developer disappeared from the project in Dec 2018.
Summary of goals:
I am seeking to purchase equipment to provide resources to all Ampache projects.
I am seeking to purchase marketing and developer help redesigning the Ampache website
Finally, I am seeking purchase of software and security analysis tools such as [https://www.ripstech.com] to enable security testing
What I would like to deliver with this grant:
- Market Ampache to Linux sites and pages advertising the project development and goals
- Advertise a bounty to update the existing [http://ampache.org] website.
- Integrate the wiki [https://github.com/ampache/ampache/wiki] into the dev site
- Purchase equipment for the test environment to provide resources to all Ampache projects
- Use the test environment to provide full unit testing for Ampache PHP and API code.
- Use test environment to host a "demo" site for developer and interested users
- Provide full documentation for API developers with full examples and code demos
- Purchase of the ampache.dev domain for the demo site and API documentation
- Purchase access to RIPS [https://www.ripstech.com] to monitor for security issues
- Purchase of PHPStorm that integrates with RIPS
- Partially automate the release process using the test environment
Estimated cost breakdown of the project: I am able to fund hosting and bandwidth for the demo site and other content that can't be hosted on ampache.org.
I have split the cost into the following items:
- Hardware: hardware for demo.ampache.dev and for testing environment (ampache.dev)
- Software: Domain Registration, RIPS, PHPStorm
- Marketing: Small advertising and marketing campaign,
- Development: 20 hours of web development to restructure ampache.org
Estimated Costs (AUD):
Hardware - $1200
Software - $900
Marketing - $400
Development - $1100
I am requesting a total of $3600 to complete this project and will fund continuing subscriptions and development costs after completion.
Project team details: Lachlan de Waard [https://github.com/lachlan-00/]
I have been working as the sole developer for the Ampache project from the beginning of 2019.
My first contribution to the project was in 2017 and I have been an Ampache user since about 2009 and I have been a Linux user since high school.
During my time as developer of Ampache I have:
- Made the first major release in over 12 months
- Closed 3 major CVE's
- Released a python library for the Ampache API
- Updated the API while working with developers of the existing API to develop further function
- Brought in ~6 regular contributors to the project during 2019 up from a single dev in 2016-2018
First Name: Lachlan
Last Name: de Waard
Email Address: lachlan.00 at gmail.com
A statement including a willingness to provide regular project updates on the project: I would like to contribute progress updates in any form required from blogs/whitepaper reports or articles following project progress.
I would really like to show that Australia in particular, has a strong free software following and want to contribute to that any way possible.
I have been a free software user for almost 20 years now and would love the opportunity to make a project that is special to me even better.

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